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Zoom H1n, CapitolStudios.com, Nektar Technology Pacer

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Zoom has put out its latest portable audio recorder, the H1n Handy Recorder, with a built-in stereo microphone in a 90-degree, X/Y configuration. The H1n updates the older H1 recorder with a sharper display, an onboard limiter, a low-cut filter with selectable cutoff point, playback speed control, unlimited overdubbing and an updated control interface. The Zoom H1n is available now for just under $120 USD.

If you’d like to have your music mixed, mastered, and cut to vinyl at a famous studio with world-class gear by Grammy-winning engineers, you’ll have your chance beginning April 2nd. Capitol Studios in Hollywood, California is opening its services to anyone in the world through online transactions. Pre-orders coming in before April 2nd will get a 10% discount. Go to CapitolStudios.com for pricing and further details.

Nektar Technology has announced Pacer, a footswitch controller for MIDI hardware and software, as well as for control over almost any DAW software. Pacer has 11 footswitches with multicolor LED feedback. 10 of those footswitches are user programmable. Nektar has programmed the Pacer with integrated DAW control over programs such as Apple Logic, Bitwig Studio, Propellerhead Reason, and Steinberg Cubase, and the Mackie Control protocol makes Pacer compatible with Ableton Live, FL Studio, and other programs. The Nektar Pacer footswitch controller should be available in April of this year for $229 USD.

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