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Roland TR-8S, Tracktion Waveform 9, Softube Volume 2 plug-in bundle

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This week Roland followed up its TR-8 drum machine with the new TR-8S Rhythm Performer. It has component-level models of sounds from the classic TR-808, 909, 606, 707, and 727 drum machines, as well as 150 other internal samples. It also imports external samples from an SD memory card. All of those sounds are subject to the TR-8S’s sound design, effects, sequencing, and motion recording functions.

The unit has 128 patterns, each with up to 8 variations, and 128 kits, which have total recall of all the settings and routings for the sounds. In addition to being a USB audio interface, the TR-8S also has 8 analog outputs and a trigger output for controlling analog gear. The Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer is on pre-order now for $699 USD.

Tracktion has released the Waveform 9 digital audio workstation software. Its new Multi Sampler instrument includes the ability to rip audio directly from other software, such as a Web browser, making the possibilities for sampling audio endless. Among many other features, Waveform 9 includes new rack presets, 24-track drum construction kits, Macro controls, and time-saving Chord Tracks. Waveform 9 packages range in price from $109 to $259 USD.

This week Softube released its Volume 2 plug-in bundle, a  total of 19 effects, amplifier models, dynamics plug-ins and also the Heartbeat drum synthesizer and Modular, a virtual Eurorack synthesizer. For the Volume 2 bundle, Softube added a phaser effect, a tape machine emulation plug-in, and the brand new Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer, which is based on the hardware Weiss DS1-MK3 high-end mastering processor. The Softube Volume 2 plug-in bundle is selling now for $399 USD.

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