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NAMM2018 Highlights, Roland Cloud, UAD Arrow, Elektron Digitone

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Hey everybody, this is Markkus for the Audio Tech News Flash, brought to you by Accusonus.

I’m wrapping up some of the biggest hits from the 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, where Avid unveiled the newly named Pro Tools 2018. This major update adds some highly-requested features, such as track presets, retrospective MIDI record, where you can capture performances you played without the Record function on; MIDI editing shortcuts, and other track compositing and mixing enhancements.

Not to be outdone, Apple introduced Logic Pro 10.4, including the new Smart Tempo mode that automatically syncs all audio to the set BPM value, so for example live recorded tracks automatically sync to tempo without quantization or editing. The new Chromoverb color-coded reverb effect lets you apply various amounts to different frequency ranges. Also, a new Mellotron plug-in, Vintage EQ effects, new sequenced effects and improved string and horn sounds make the free 10.4 update feel like a major update, and Logic Pro 10 is still one of the best software buys in the world at 199 US dollars.

Roland announced the first official plug-in versions of its classic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines, to be available on it subscription Roland Cloud service later this year.

In the hardware space, Universal Audio impressed us with its new Arrow desktop audio interface for super high-bandwidth Thunderbolt 3 connections. Thunderbolt 3 is also known as USB-C. The Arrow has a dedicated instrument-level input, as well as two Mic/line inputs with Unison preamps,  and  it’s the most affordable interface with Universal Audio's beloved UAD 2 onboard DSP processing. With 14 UAD 2 plug-ins included, you can unload a ton a signal processing tasks from your computer. The Arrow is available as I speak for a street price of 499 US dollars.

Finally, Swedish company Elektron debuted its buzz-worthy Digitone, a groovebox-style, 8-voice polyphonic FM synthesizer with 8-track sequencer. The Digitone uses elements of subtractive synthesis to make the infamously inscrutable FM synthesis more accessible to customization, and it sounds really cool. The Digitone will integrate tightly with your DAW software of choice using Elektron’s Overbridge software, and it's is available to pre-order now for $759 US dollars.

That’s it for this week’s Audio Tech News Flash, brought to you by Accusonus. Until next time, stay on the beat.



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