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Live 10, Output Analog Brass & Winds, UVI Meteor

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Hey everybody, this is Markkus for the Audio Tech News Flash, brought to you by Accusonus.

A long wait ended this week for many electronic music producers as Ableton released its Live 10 digital audio workstation. Live 10 adds four new devices, including Pedal for adding the character of analog stomp box effects; Drum Buss for dialing in the tone of drum tracks; and the new Wavetable synthesizer. Wavetable has two oscillators with oscillator effects and unison mode, and many wavetable shapes to choose from. It also has a modulation matrix, analog-modeled filters and it integrates with Ableton’s hardware Push controller. 
Live 10 updates its sound library with new collections of synthesizers, keyboards, and drums, as well new Live Packs based on trending electronic music styles. 
Live 10 also includes several big workflow improvements, such as editing multiple MIDI clips in one window, track groups nested within other track groups, and the new Capture function, which can save your MIDI performances after you’ve played them even when Recording wasn’t turned on.

Virtual instrument maker Output revealed its latest product, Analog Brass & Winds, now available for 199 US dollars. Like Output's previous instrument Analog Strings, the new Analog Brass & Winds uses multiple layers of orchestral recordings, synthesizers, and processed field recordings to let you create highly stylized sounds for visual media scores and electronic music.

UVI’s new Meteor sound-design tool is aimed at visual media composers and music producers. Meteor specializes in creating high-impact sounds, risers, swells, and other cinematic sound effects. Meteor’s engine provides 7 layers of fully editable samples and effects, and you can set your rises and impacts to sync exactly to your desired time or tempo.

That’s it for this week’s Audio Tech News Flash, brought to you by Accusonus. 
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