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Bitwig 2.3, Splice acquires Indaba Music, Serato DJ Pro 2.0

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Bitwig has released the Bitwig Studio 2.3 digital audio workstation update. Additions include time-signature markers on the timeline, improved time-stretching for audio, new sounds and device presets for the content library, and more. However, the biggest news for Bitwig Studio 2.3 is the new Phase-4 four-oscillator synthesizer. Phase-4 uses phase manipulation synthesis, similar to the classic Casio CZ phase distortion synthesizers from the 1980s. However, Bitwig’s Phase-4 goes even further with extensive modulation control and a highly visual interface. Bitwig Studio 2.3 is a free update to licensed users with an active upgrade plan, and anyone can try the free demo at

Two large musical artist communities joined together when Splice acquired Indaba Music. Both companies actively present remixing, production, and songwriting contests, and will collaborate on new projects like the weekly Firestarter series, now available at the blog. The Firestarter challenges give producers a creative spark, such as a set of samples, a MIDI pattern, or a project file for them to build off of and share their results.

Digital DJs can finally try out Serato DJ Pro 2.0, which is a free upgrade for Serato DJ users. The update adds an offline Practice Mode that lets you prepare tracks with loops and cue point and practice mixes without any hardware connected. The new Performance Pad View shows the DJ decks with cue points laid out in two rows of four, mimicking the layout of many Serato DJ controllers. Serato DJ Pro is now optimized for high-resolution displays and has 64-bit support for greater reliability and unlimited DJ library sizes.

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