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Behringer Neutron, Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900, IKEA Frekvens

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This week we’re looking at some upcoming hardware. First up, Behringer has revealed more detailed specs for it Neutron semi-modular analog synthesizer, which should be available this April for $299 USD. Unlike Behringer’s current Model D synth, the Neutron is not a clone of a popular old synthesizer, but rather an entirely new design. Neutron is a two-oscillator paraphonic synthesizer, which means both oscillators can be independently controlled. Its purely analog signal path includes a self-oscillating filter and an overdrive circuit. You also have a cable patch point matrix with 32 inputs and 24 outputs for designing complex sounds.

In more semi-modular news, Pittsburgh Modular has announced its first fully stand-alone synthesizer, the Microvolt 3900 monosynth. Its analog oscillator includes what's called a  wavefolder for adding harmonics to the outgoing signal, and there’s also an arpeggiator, sequencer and MIDI to CV control. A 39-point patchbay lets you reconfigure the internal signal routing, or you can use it to incorporate any Eurorack modules in your collection.

Audio gear lovers are not used to finding new gadgets at Ikea, however, the Swedish megastore has revealed new clues to its future line of Frekvens music party supplies. The Frekvens products are being produced in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, who makes the popular Pocket Operator instruments. The Frekvens series is supposed to include everything you need to throw a spontaneous music party. So far we know it will include an electronic choir, turntable, party lighting, a portable speaker and even a form of guitar. A new picture of the Frekvens series surfaced this week and shows the items in blocky shapes and bright red and yellow colors. But you’ll have to wait all the way until February 2019 before these musicsal tool hit the IKEA warehouse.

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