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Arturia Filters, Waves - Audeze Mobius, Hans Zimmer Strings, IK Multimedia

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French company Arturia has released 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use. And that is actually the name of this 3-plug-in bundle that models the filters from 3 iconic vintage analog synthesizers: the Moog Minimoog, the Oberheim SEM, and the Oberheim Matrix-12. Besides emulating the behavior and response of the hardware filters, these plug-ins add contemporary features like modulation sources and step sequencing. 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use is selling at an introductory price of $99 USD until April 5th of this year.

Waves Audio has teamed up with Audeze on the new Mobius planar magnetic headphones for 3D audio. With the continued advancement of virtual reality, augmented reality, and high-end gaming, 3D audio is on the rise. The Mobius headphones integrate head tracking, sound localization and room emulation to create an immersive and personalized 3D listening experience. The Mobius Creator Package combines the Mobius headphones with the Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room plug-in and other software for creating 3D Audio content. The package is now funding on an Indiegogo campaign, with prices starting at $499 USD and should be delivered in June of this year.

In the realm of virtual instruments, Spitfire Audio announced Hans Zimmer Strings, and IK Multimedia released the Total Studio 2 bundle of software instruments and effects.

For Hans Zimmer Strings, Spitfire collaborated with the legendary composer and 344 musicians to create an enormous string library using advanced sampling techniques.

With the Total Studio 2 Max bundle, IK Multimedia delivers 94 total products, composed of its best mixing and mastering processors, cinematic and orchestral sounds, and both electronic and acoustic drums, keyboards, and other instruments. It’s selling now for just under $1000 USD, with an entry-level version available for $499.

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