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NewsFlash #15Propellerhead Reason 10.1, LANDR Samples, iZotope VocalSynth2

Hi everybody, this is Markkus for the Audio Tech News Flash, brought to you by Accusonus. Propellerhead has released Reason 10.1, a free update for registered users. With this update, Reason’s marquee wavetable synthesizer, Europa, can now import audio samples to use as one of Europa’s oscillator waveforms or as the filter’s spectral multiplier. Reason 10.1 also supports a new Rack Extension protocol that lets developers create Rack Extension Player devices. Also, Reason 10 users can get the Drum Sequencer Rack Extension Player for free when they update to or purchase Reason 10.1 by the end of May 2018. The full version of Reason costs $399 USD or €349 EUR. 

NewsFlash #14SUPERBOOTH18 highlights from Behringer, Roland, IK Multimedia, Fingersonic and more

Scottish boutique brand MacBeth revealed the MacBeth Elements EL2 analog synthesizer, a self-contained 3-oscillator synthesizer with a capacitive touch keyboard built-in. The Elements EL2 reuses vintage parts sourced from RCA semiconductors from the 1970s. Price and release date are to be announced. Dave Smith Instruments launched the Sequential Prophet X keyboard, a polyphonic, 16-voice hybrid digital/analog synthesizer with 150GB of internal samples for running through the analog filters. The samples represent all styles of acoustic and electronic instruments, as well as drones and effects. The Prophet X also has full synthesizer capabilities. It will be available soon at an estimated price of just under $4000 USD.

NewsFlash #13Dreadbox Li’l Erebus DIY Kit, ALK2, Rob Papen Go2

A new concept in software workstations came out this week as Berlin-based company introduced ALK2, a hybrid program combining elements of DAW software with a live performance looper. ALK2 lets songwriters create complex arrangements first, which they can then perform and playback live as loops. Other advantages over hardware loopers include loops of varying length, plug-in support, and better options for correcting mistakes. ALK2 is selling now for 199 euros.

NewsFlash #12Google NSynth Super, TC Electronic TC2290-DT, Slate Digital VMR 2.0

The synthesizer that originated from a Google artificial intelligence program can now be yours as an open-source, build-it-yourself project. The NSynth Super uses a machine-learning algorithm developed at the Google research project called Magenta, and it creates entirely new sounds from the acoustic qualities of original input sounds. The NSynth Super has a touchscreen that you use to drag between many different combinations of four original sounds. This new technology will require some work for you to build. Go to and search for Nsynth Super to find out how to do it.

This week I’m highlighting some of the interesting new products from the 2018 Musikmesse trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. A new British company called Exodus Digital announced Valkyrie, a high-powered virtual analog synthesizer. Valkyrie offers big numbers: 128 voices with up to 10 oscillators per voice and 72 effects. Its wavetable oscillators have over 4,000 waveforms to choose from, and there’s storage for over 3,000 user-programmable patches. Valkyrie could be available as soon as June 2018 for a price of less than £2000

Cakewalk software is back, and it’s free. After the social music platform Bandlab purchased Cakewalk assets from Gibson last month, it has now relaunched the DAW software as Cakewalk by Bandlab. Available as a free download for Windows computers, Cakewalk by Bandlab includes the same interface as the old Cakewalk Sonar Platinum DAW, as well as the 64-bit mix engine, ProChannel modules and more.

The new Roli Songwriter Kit includes two of the company’s controllers with MIDI Polyphonic Expression — the Seaboard Block 2-octave soft keyboard and the illuminated Lightpad M playing surface, which both provide 5 types of playback expression. It also includes the Loop Block transport controller, a protective snapcase for traveling, and a software bundle with Tracktion Waveform and Ableton Live Lite DAWs, and software instruments designed for MIDI Polyphonic Expression such as the Roli Equator software synthesizer and the Noise loop composition app. The Roli Songmaker Kit is in major musical instrument retailers now for a sale price of $599 USD.

Zoom has put out its latest portable audio recorder, the H1n Handy Recorder, with a built-in stereo microphone in a 90-degree, X/Y configuration. The H1n updates the older H1 recorder with a sharper display, an onboard limiter, a low-cut filter with selectable cutoff point, playback speed control, unlimited overdubbing and an updated control interface. The Zoom H1n is available now for just under $120 USD.

French company Arturia has released 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use. And that is actually the name of this 3-plug-in bundle that models the filters from 3 iconic vintage analog synthesizers: the Moog Minimoog, the Oberheim SEM, and the Oberheim Matrix-12. Besides emulating the behavior and response of the hardware filters, these plug-ins add contemporary features like modulation sources and step sequencing. 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use is selling at an introductory price of $99 USD until April 5th of this year.

This week Roland followed up its TR-8 drum machine with the new TR-8S Rhythm Performer. It has component-level models of sounds from the classic TR-808, 909, 606, 707, and 727 drum machines, as well as 150 other internal samples. It also imports external samples from an SD memory card. All of those sounds are subject to the TR-8S’s sound design, effects, sequencing, and motion recording functions.